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I love to draw. I  haven’t had formal training, unless you count one college art class many years ago, but I have enjoyed trying to teach myself. Over the past few years I’ve purchased many drawing books, searched online for tutorials, and experimented with a lot of different drawing “tools”.

. When I first started drawing I had so many questions:

  • Does different paper really make a difference?
  • What books are helpful?
  • What pencils do I use?
  • Why use different thicknesses of pencil lead?
  • Isn’t one colored pencil the same as other colored pencils?
  • What do I do with so many different erasers?
  • What is a tortillion or a blending stump?

Best Drawing Supplies

In my website I am compiling  information about how to get your drawing supplies from my experience and from my research.

I have links for sketching paper, reviews of “how to draw”  books and links to where you can find them the cheapest, drawing pencils and how different thickness leads work, colored pencil brands and how to use them, . Have you ever wondered if different paper really makes a difference? How about blending tools, or even erasers?

Basic Sketch Book

Sketch books come in many different sizes, different types of paper, hard bound, ring bound, so many possibilities. It comes down to what you like. I have several books. Some are 12×12 and some are small enough to fit in a pocket. I use some for doodling or just odds and ends, and some I use for a finished product that I intend to frame. Some have more texture and some are smoother. I really suggest that you try several different textures and see what works for you. Here are a couple of suggestions. Click on the picture and the link will take you to purchase them if you wish.

Best Drawing supplies

Best Drawing supplies


Best Drawing supplies

“How to”  Books

I have many “how to” books, as I call them. Some are from popular current artists and some are much older but full of excellent information. I’ve written reviews and once again added the link to the picture for purchasing purposes. I’ve also added a link to my review of the book.

Best Drawing supplies

Mark Kistler

Best Drawing supplies

Lee Hammond’s big book of DRAWING








Leads: Mechanical, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9…

There are many uses for different leads. I most often carry the basic 3 leads that you can buy as mechanical/clicker pencils at your local stores. They are the 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9 leads. I like to have one of each with me. In a pinch I’ve had to just take one, I know, It’s not fair! In those situations I grab the 0.5. It gives the finest lines of the 3 and there is less chance of smudging it.

When I get down to business I use the pencils that are specifically made for artistic drawing.Those pencils come in much wider variety of lead types. Again, play around and try things out.

Drawing supplies

Mechanical Pencils

The Wide World of Color

Adding color to your drawings opens a whole new world. I’ve done some reviews of different brands of colored pencils as well. I enjoy the fact that I still use my Crayola colored pencils as well as the more specific art pencils.



Ok, I had NO IDEA that there could be so many different erasers for so many different purposes! It was an eye opener when I started studying how to draw and they started talking about “kneaded” erasers. I thought to myself, “what more can you possibly need than a plain old pencil eraser?” I couldn’t be more wrong. There are many erasers and each has a unique purpose. Now, I still use a simple clicker eraser a lot of the time. They are very mobile and hold up to the abuse of being carried in pockets or purses. When I sit down to really work on a drawing, then I pull out my eraser supply from my art box.


Drawing supplies



Drawing supplies


Two more drawing “gadgets” I learned about were the tortillion and the stump blender. How cool!  They are some of the best drawing supplies ever. I have had so much fun learning and experimenting with these wonderful tools. They are inexpensive, but can do amazing things. Don’t be afraid to do some doodling with different thicknesses of  pencil leads and then use these little beauties to blend and add special touches to your shadows. I have a special post about how I have used these.


You’ll have to visit some of my other posts to see more about how to use some of these. There is simply too much to put here on one page. In my Drawing Gallery section you’ll find reviews and “how to” posts. While you are at it, stop by and see some of the sketches I’ve done in my Fun Things I Have Drawn page.

Now it’s time to go draw!

Shop through these best drawing supplies and make some purchases. Sit back and have some fun! Draw anything and everything. It doesn’t matter if the drawing turns out the way you intended or not, the idea is just to enjoy!

I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment and maybe even a picture of your drawing!

Best Drawing Supplies

Blessings to all! – Tina

Fun Drawing Sources

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  1. Samuel

    Hi Tina,

    Great article on the materials you need for drawing. People who like to do art will find this very useful. I use to love drawing in the past, but now I’ve lost my passive for drawing… I think it’s because of the internet! I seldom even write now, everything I do is literally on the computer. Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing though..


    1. Tina DeYoung (Post author)

      Aw, that’s too bad Samuel. Computers do change our lives. I agree, I’m not sure if it’s for better or for worse. I think I see both. Don’t totally give up on drawing. Maybe every now and then just sit and try it again.


  2. Pete

    Excellent information on drawing supplies. I am an awful artist, but my fiancee loves doing creative things like painting. I may get her some of these supplies to see if she gets into drawing too. Thanks!

    1. Tina DeYoung (Post author)

      Oh yes, please let me know if she does! I’d also really enjoy seeing some of her art if she is willing! Thanks for visiting!



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