Camping is something my family loves to do together. As my children get older, we can still come back together for a weekend of camping and have a great time. They are all quite handy as my husband has taught them all about setting up, tearing down, and everything in between.  Sometimes we just go to a campground near us and vegg out for the weekend. Sometimes we have taken our little pop up trailer and camped out half way across the country.

Camping in tents

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When my husband and I were first married we were avid ““tenters”.



Mom takes the easy way out


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We still camped in tents even after we had 3 children and 2 dogs. It was quite a circus.

One year, though, the 5 of us were camping, no dogs this time, up in the mountains of Colorado. I gave it up! I told my husband we were going to get a pop up camper. I was tired of tripping over sleeping bags, pillows, clothing and all that other “stuff” that has to stay inside the tent.


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My family has had an unlimited amount of laughs from teasing me about that, even years later. However, when it is really hot outside, they reap the rewards of our camper having an air conditioner. I’m the good parent then!





Back to Drawing

I’m taking the long route in getting to my main topic here. This is a website about drawing, not about camping after all.

Camping is a great way to get new ideas for drawing. If you are a camper, next time you go out, take a sketch pad and a pencil. I take an eraser too, but that is not essential. Sit outside and just look around. There are some amazing details in nature. Try looking up into the trees. In the spring the blossoms are so cool. During the deep summertime there are leaves of unending shape and shade. I’ve seen some exquisite knarled tree trunks or intricate details in a hole in the side of a tree.

A Walk in the Woods

If you walk into a wooded area, the undergrowth provides fascinating things to draw, like mushrooms, ferns, dead braches that are in various stages of decay, even rocks.


Maybe you’ll find a stream to draw. Or how about those interesting and delicate spider webs? Not to mention the little buggers that build the webs. I try not to get too close to those. I love to watch them and I think they are beautiful in their own way, but they creep me out when they crawl on me!

Or Draw Man-Made Subjects

You can draw tents, campers, cars, and vehicles of all sorts. There are usually a large number of boats around a camping area too. CampingThis may sound kind of gross, but I’ve seen some outhouses that gave up some really great possibilities for a sketch. No, not the inside, but the actual old-fashioned outhouse. I like to draw wood, though, so if the outhouse is an old wooden one I am drawn (no pun intended) to it. I also love to try to draw old barns that are on some of the farms, but that may be a different post. Right now I need to get back into my camp setting.

Take Pictures

I take my phone with me and snap lots of pictures when I am camping. I like to study my subject in real life, but then have pictures to refer to for later. I take pictures from different angles. Some pictures are close up for detail, and some are from farther back for the overall effect.

Bring Out the Artist in You

Remember to note the angle of the sun and pay attention to the bright spots and the shadows. Look at the area surrounding your subject. Put some detail from the surroundings into your drawing as well. Sometimes I draw while sitting there looking at my subject, and sometimes I am so lost in seeing what is out there and taking pictures that my time runs out and I have to go back to real life chores. Or on the fun flip-side, my family calls be back for a battle of family game time.

I’ve added some of the drawings that were a result of camping out  on my “Fun Things I have Drawn” page. I’d love to see some that you have done too. Send me a picture! Tell me about your experiences.

Go Camping, Take Time to Draw

In the meantime, go enjoy a camping break. Take your sketch book. Take your pencils and maybe an eraser. Take along a chair, or a blanket, or even a pillow. Enjoy a bit of down time. Of course, if you are like me, once you start drawing it may turn into a larger amount of down time, but hey, that’s ok too.

Make sure you visit my  “Fun Things I have Drawn” page. Take a look at my other website as well, After Cancer Income From Home


Blessings to all! – Tina

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