How to Draw a Cartoon Turtle



How to Draw a Cartoon Turtle



You may have seen this little guy on some of my other posts or pages. I want to talk about drawing him.

My daughter was encouraging me to draw more so she gave me a request:

“Mom, draw me a cartoon turtle”


She searched some images of cartoon turtles and I started drawing. I ended up drawing several different cartoon turtles. This one was my favorite one. He looks so innocent and naïve. There is just something lovable about him.

When you draw, put some personality into your drawings. Of course I worked on shapes and shading, but underneath it all I wanted to give him his own unique character. Let’s look at this turtle close up.

Look at his eyes

His eyes are big and round, with the pupil lower in the eye. I also gave him an unusual shape for his eye lids. I created a “saggy baggy” type of look to his face. I also left the white of the eye totally white. This gave him the “bug-eyed” look. His beautiful eyes are just about to pop out of his face! He also has what I call “worry lines” that I drew in under his eyes.

How to Draw a Cartoon Turtle


How about his nose?

How to Draw a Cartoon TurtleLook at his nose. It’s definitely a “bulbous” nose! The little lines on the bottom side of his nose give the appearance of the depth of the bulb. Giving his nose the lopsided shape adds to his personality too.

While you are looking at that part of his face, notice his cheeks and his off sided smile. Isn’t he just adorable?! His cheeks and his mouth are not drawn in balance. His left cheek is a broader with a gentler curve with his smile going straight up toward his eye, while his right side is a sharper and skinnier cheek with the smile that curves out further.
All of this makes a difference in his personality.


Moving down

How to Draw a Cartoon Turtle

Now look at his shell, the turtle’s hide-away. The individual pieces are not at all the same shape. I gave this fella the tall tortoise shell. I left open white areas between each piece, but again, not all equal in size or shape. I decided to give him sharply defined edges for each piece of his shell. And I choose to put just a little bit of shading in them.

His underside also sags a little. He’s not in the best physical shape. Maybe he should have run a few more races when he was younger.

I loved how the shading off to the sides of his neck gave the appearance of depth. The small curved lines in his neck also give the appearance of the skin belonging to older and maybe baggier critter.


And down to his feet

How to Draw a Cartoon Turtle

I gave the fella some nice strong sturdy legs. I tried to make them nice and pudgy, with some crease lines to show some shape to his legs. His toenails are also big and sturdy. I put some darkness between them to make them stand out more. As I look at it, I think I made his toenails to rounded on the bottom. I would make the bottom flatter if I did them again.  I left the front of the legs white bringing them to the forefront. The sides of the legs are shaded which makes them look rounded.


Do you like this post? Did it help you learn how to draw a cartoon turtle? Are you going to draw one? I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment and let me know.


How to Draw a Cartoon Turtle

Blessings to all! – Tina



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