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A Drawing Gallery here on my website would be fun wouldn’t it! It’s time to share  drawings and ideas from others – from you.

I’ve been posting some of my drawings, and will keep adding to it, but I want to make this a fun interactive page and add things from all of you.

Drawing Gallery Ideas


I’ve been posting some of my drawings, and will keep adding to it, but I want to make this a fun interactive page. I’d love to hear from you! I am calling this the Drawing Gallery, but I also want to fill it with your comments, drawing suggestions, tips on some techniques you enjoy, drawing books you like, other tools you use…you name it, if it helpful I’d like to share it. I’d love to add in some of your art. If you have a picture of something you have drawn and don’t mind sharing it, send it to me and I’ll put it in here. Hey, even those happy “mistakes” that were supposed to be something and didn’t really work out.


The First Drawing Gallery Entry

I’ll start by sharing some of my first tries. When my children were little I used to carry a little notepad for them to draw on when they got bored. I found myself drawing in it now and then. Those drawings weren’t necessarily “good” but they were fun. Then I got away from drawing for a while. About 2 years ago I decided to go back to drawing. I went to Barnes and Noble and browsed through their art section looking for a “how to draw” book that I thought was simple enough for me to understand, yet taught me good skills. I found what I consider a “gem”. It is by Mark Kistler. (I wrote a review of this book and how you can get it. Here’s the link: “You Can Draw in 30 Days”


Here’s what I started drawing on day 1 of his first lesson:

drawing gallery

Learning to draw spheres and turn them into 3-D


It was so much fun! It may seem like something simple and maybe even silly to you if you are an accomplished artist, but for me it was a huge step! I was so excited. I found myself drawing all the time. I admit that I didn’t complete the lessons in the book within 30 days, but that didn’t matter to me. I took more time playing around with the concepts I was learning. As I moved on through his book I drew every day. Here’s another one of my drawings from the lessons he teaches in the book:





drawing gallery

Joining several lessons together in a silly practice page


And then there is this one:

drawing gallery pipes

I learned to make pipes that changed size and direction

Since then I’ve added new books, new techniques, new pencils and erasers, different paper, color, and many hours of fun!

Check out more in the drawing gallery!

I will be adding things to this drawing gallery now and then. Make sure you click on Drawing Gallery in the menu and see what else is there!

Now it’s your turn

Send me some comments. I’d love to share some techniques you have tried, or some drawing you have done. Maybe even some of those wonderful drawings that were supposed to be something and “failed”. Help us all have fun and also enhance our drawing skills.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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drawing gallery

Blessings to all! – Tina

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  1. Tina DeYoung (Post author)

    Leave me some comments. I’d love to hear from you!

  2. Carol Sibley

    Sounds very exciting

    1. Tina DeYoung (Post author)

      Carol, please feel free to share some ideas or thoughts with me. Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you take some time today to relax and draw!

  3. Patty Griffin

    What fun! A great way to start conversations with other artists. A good teaching tool website for other beginners. I’m sure rechniques you tried that work and didn’t work are shared experiences of others. We all need to dig into the creativity of our minds in one way or another. My sister started learning “Doodle Art”. It’s important to keep are brains active.

    1. Tina DeYoung (Post author)

      I’m not sure if I can do “doodle art”. I am jealous of those who can. I can only draw things that I see in front of me, or pictures of those things. I’m just not creative! I hope some other artists decide to share with me on here! That would make my day. Have your sister send me some of her doodle art that I can put on the page.
      Thanks for visiting!!

  4. Dan

    This is a great post for people to have the opportunity to express and display their drawings. I once created an art website years and years ago and it’s nice to see there are still outlets for people to display their talents. Nice Job

    1. Tina DeYoung (Post author)

      It makes me smile to hear that you have done an art website too. The world needs as much art as we can get! Thank you for visiting. If you have any drawings you would like to share just let me know.

    2. Tina DeYoung (Post author)

      Thanks Dan!

  5. Derek

    Great post!

    Sounds like you are very passionate about drawing! Keep up the great work!

    1. Tina DeYoung (Post author)

      Thank you. Drawing is a great outlet and just plain fun!


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