Drawing Withdrawal

I am suffering from “drawing withdrawal”! I have been extremely busy for the last couple of weeks and have not taken the time to do one of my favorite things – DRAW.

Finally, a few nights ago I sat down to watch the Olympics on TV. While I was watching I pulled out my old friends, my sketch pad and my pencils. I didn’t care what I drew or how good or bad it turned out, I just needed to draw. It felt great! I ended up doing several pages of just simple sketches. Again,I wasn’t worried about how detailed or how “correct they were”! I realized that it is very important to me to have some of those times when I throw all critique to the wind and just sketch.

The next day when I looked at my sketches it brought a little smile to my day. No, they weren’t the best I’ve ever done. In fact, I will not be showing off the lighthouse I did with my colored pencils, but it was very relaxing to do. I’m putting it here just because I feel strongly that we should all be willing to do drawings that aren’t always our best.Our talents and our hobbies should not become “work”. They should be enjoyed. I can’t enjoy my hobbies if I feel pressure to do them. I hope my website encourages you in that too.


Drawing Withdrawal

Colored pencil lighthouse



So, here’s my not so good colored pencil drawing.









Drawing Withdrawal

Colored pencil quarter rest


This simple colored pencil sketch of a music quarter rest








Drawing Withdrawal

Leaf drawn with .09 pencil lead

        This one is of a leaf that was hanging in an arrangement on the wall.

Some crazy doodle.

Drawing Withdrawal

This was difficult for me. I had to think hard as I drew it.

Drawing Withdrawal

Drawing Withdrawal

It was fun to draw again. Believe me, I intend to settle back in to my drawing and also posting on this website. Come back again and see more. Also, send me some pictures of your artwork so that I can post them on my Drawing Gallery page. I’d love to share your artwork!

Check out some of my other posts and pages on this website. I also have another website for anyone who is looking to earn money from home, or for anyone who is going through, or has gone through cancer treatments. After Cancer


Blessings to all! – Tina




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