Farm Well Hand Pump

I was raised a country girl, living in the house my grandfather had built.

I spent my share of time climbing in the tops of the trees looking out over the farms with my kitties milling about up there with me.

Farm well hand pump

I grew up using a pump just like this one.

This old farm pump is like the one I used growing up.

We didn’t have plumbing in the house. My family was raised pumping and carrying water from our well.

Yes, I was gullible enough to listen to my older brother and put my tongue on the handle on cold, frozen afternoon! Bet you can guess what happened!




Farm well hand pump

The real thing

I was thrilled the day my parents and my husband gave this pump to me for my birthday. They had gone back and purchased it from the current owners of the old farm property.

Sadly, someone decided they should have the pump and stole it as we slept one night. It was never found.

We think the thieves were eventually caught with a yard full of old stolen pumps they were trying to sell at antique stores.


Drawing the old farm well hand pump

Drawing this one had it’s own challenges. My biggest problem was getting the handle to go a different direction from the spout. It seemed easy, but I found out it wasn’t. I had to refer to my handy Drawing books for help, and I had to try several times. It turned out OK.

I had to work with highlights to give it a depth of it being a pipe.




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