Flower Painterly Photos

I draw with pencils. Others use various drawing mediums. Some paint. These beautiful pieces of art are the work of Beth White. Beth likes to take photos and turn them into ‘paintings’ or ‘sketches’ using different photo editing programs. Beth calls them

“Flower ‘Painterly’ Photos”



Fire Wheel Pointillism


I love the different things Beth has done with the flowers.


Each one is unique and draws the eye in it’s own way. Each of them convey different feelings and intentions.





Magic Pen Edit




Purple Cone Flower


All of them… BEAUTIFUL!




White Cosmos






Thank you Beth!

Red Rose Impressionism


My Drawing Gallery page is dedicated to promoting artwork . I like to draw with pencils, but love to hear about what you like to do. Send me some of your artwork. I look forward to hearing from you.

Also check out the rest of my Fun Drawing Sources website and my After Cancer Income From Home website.



Blessings to all! – Tina


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