How to Draw Eyes

I love to draw eyes!  Eyes are so expressive! You can do so much with eyes.

Look at eyes. Get ready to draw eyes.

Everywhere you turn look at the eyes of people and animals. See the shapes. See the shadows and creases. Look for the bright spot where light is reflecting. How big is the pupil (the black part in the center that gets bigger and smaller when it is dark or bright light) Is the pupil round or more elongated? Do you want to draw realistic or cartoon eyes?

These eyes from one of my drawing books caught my attention and I had to explore drawing eyes for myself. What fun! They look so intense!

How to draw eyes



How to draw eyes

I found this easy to draw eye on Wikipedia.  It’s a great first step to the human eye. Look at the elongated share of the eye. See how the iris is not actually  centered in the eye. It’s a little to the right. It gives the appearance of someone looking slightly to their left. See how the iris isn’t completelyfilled in. Look closely at an eye. The iris is full of wonderful detail. It’s not just as solid color.


What looks like a white splotch  in the upper left edge of the pupil is actually a reflection of light. When you look at eyes, there is always some light reflected. It is important to add that to your drawing. It gives the eye some sparkle.


Human eyes

How to draw eyes

My husband’s eye

My husband got so self-conscious one night because I kept staring at him. I teased him, telling him I was just looking into they eyes of the love of my life. Actually, I was. I rather enjoyed staring into his eyes! I also got to study them for drawing purposes as a side benefit. I’ll have to draw them again just for the fun of looking into his eyes. (Love is a wonderful thing!) This was an early attempt at drawing eyes, so I need to do it again and compare to see how my skills have grown.



Animal eyes


How to draw eyes

My daughter’s dog has such cute expressive eyes.


My daughter’s dog is full of the energy of life! If I had half of her energy I’d be thrilled!  She also has these big, beautiful, expressive eyes. My daughter asked me to draw her dog for her. This is my first attempt.  I’d like to try again sometime soon. I had fun drawing her, but I can’t get her eyes right yet.  I might do many different attempts and play with different techniques.




Cartoon eyes


How to draw eyes


These yes are big and round. They give the look of wonder and maybe even innocence. They are cartoon eyes but very expressive and loads of fun to draw.








Play with how to draw eyes using various pencil strokes

If you draw human eyes, take a page and draw 5 different pupils. See what they look like when you color them in compared to when you use small stroke of different angles to fill them in. Do the same with the iris around the pupil.  Don’t fill them in completely.  Leave light space. It creates depth. Have some fun with the eye lid . Try darkening different area of the eye lid. Play with making creases. See what it looks like to draw full curved eye lashes, or eye lashes that are a bit more unruly.

Look at some cartoon illustrations. Check the eyes and play with drawing them.

Have fun! Draw eyes. Experiment.

Show me some of your eyes. Send me some pictures. I’d love to see them. Tell me some of your experiences. I have a Gallery page where I’d love to share your pictures. Here’s the link: Drawing Gallery

See you there!

How to draw eyes

Blessings to all! – Tina

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  1. Ian

    Nice little overview on drawing eyes. For the past few minutes now I’ve been studying people’s eyes lol.

    1. Tina DeYoung (Post author)

      Isn’t it great?! Sometimes I have to be careful that people don’t think I’m being strange by staring at their eyes. It’s fun to study the eyes of my pets too. I’ve also taken pictures of various people (Only people I know) and animals so that I can study their eyes without making them feel uncomfortable. I caught a great picture of a squirrel’s face the other day. The little fella was snitching my bird seed and posed beautifully so I could snap a picture. His eyes are totally different. Thanks for visiting!


  2. David

    Thanks, Tina, this is a really useful article. I have always struggled with drawing eyes and your tips here have really helped me.

    1. Tina DeYoung (Post author)

      Thanks David. I’d love to see some of your drawings!


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